deBo Trading – specialist in packagings

We can’t vacuum everything, but we sure try to.

Vacuum packaging are being used to protect, to conserve or to mature different kind of foods during transport and storage of these products. It doesn’t really matter whether you are packaging different kinds of food, like (processed) meat, fish, cheese, vegetables or products like medicines, chemical products, money of technical parts which need to be protected well during transport or storage.

Protecting your valuable products and extending shelf life are some tasks of a good quality vacuum bag or shrink bag.  Whether you are packaging beef meat, boiling and cooling down mussels in a boilable bag or packaging baby-food in a stand up bag with a baby safe spout, every product has its own specific characteristics in which a perfect and right packaging plays an essential role for the right result.

Besides our standard bags, like vacuum bags, aluminum bags and shrink bags we’re also able to deliver you special made custom bags and re-sealable bags.  We’re also a distributor of bags with a spout for drinking all kinds of liquids and many different types of stand up bags.  Also large bags for packaging different kind of liquids in a cardboard box till about 50 litre with a spout attached are part of our program.

Since we have many years of experience in the packaging business we’re also able to accomplish almost any printing on our bags and we’re be able to produce these just the way you want these.  This ranges from printed tape with a maximum of 5 colors placed on tubular vacuum bags till full-color bags with even a matt and glossy print on the same bag and everything in between.

To complete our program we’re also able to deliver you all kinds of natural- and artificial casings.

In an ever faster changing world, you can always rely on a partner like deBo Trading as being a stable factor!

Try us and find out for yourself.